Week 2

This week I learned how to use Fireworks.  I really like this program because I think that it is generally easy to navigate.  I have learned how to use Autoshapes and the Vector tool to create images for my designs.  This is my favorite part of Fireworks because I can really create whatever I want for the design and edit the lines, colors, and textures.  Transferring images from programs like photoshop has been really helpful as well.  Making those images transparent is very helpful because it makes the design look less bulky and gives it a more finished look.

I have also learned a lot about color this past week from this class and my colorology class.  Different colors provoke different feelings within a piece.  When paired with other colors they can produce a whole different feel to something. I thought this was very interesting because you can feel completely different about a color when it’s standing alone than you do when it is paired with another color.  Coordinating colors together is extremely important in Web Design because you can provoke different sensations to your audience.  If the colors do not match well together then the website will not have the feel that it will need to be as successful as they would if the colors matched well.


I thought this video was interesting.  This guys name is Mike Locke and he has a lot of good advice about Web Design as a career.

I also added a link under “Web Design Videos”